PS Malik tells: Learned Ones are Full of Cognitive Dissonance

PS Malik tells: Learned Ones are Full of Cognitive Dissonance

A person hardly has an occasion to think if he were the same person without his name or parentage or religion etc. He is imbibed with a belief that all this information about him was an inseparable part of his personality. 

In the childhood a common story is usually recited. Several seekers went to a Guru to learn music. The Guru asked the first seeker his earlier qualifications. The seeker told that he knows nothing about music. The Guru told him that it would take him 6 months to learn music. The second seeker was a bit acquainted with the rules of music. And Guru told him that it would take him more than a year to learn music. The third seeker told that he had already earned degrees in music and knows a number of scriptures about music. The Guru asked him that it would take him for about 10 years to learn music. On being asked the Guru explained that the learning period of all three is the same i.e. 6 months, the remaining time will be used to cleanse the garbage they had accumulated in the name of knowledge. It is always easy to write on a clean slate then to write on a dirty slate. For a dirty slate is to be cleaned first and then it can be used for writing? If the slate of mind is dirty then it takes quite a long time to make it clean because the concepts are engraved on the surface of mind. They are not simply written with cleanable chalk.

A scripture is the experience of the past generations. It tells about the history. It tells about the past. But you have to prepare for the future. Making preparation for the future based on the accounts of past is useful only if the nature were to repeat itself again and again. But this does not happen. The nature is not found repeating itself. It does not repeat itself. Then why all those learned people have burdened themselves with the load of past ages.

This entire burden of values, beliefs, habits etc. reduce a person as a mere reflection of the past. He becomes a dustbin where more and more garbage of past is accumulated. More and more of the past (in the form of values, beliefs, theories or habits etc.) is filled in that bin more and more contended he feels. He feels more equipped with values, beliefs and theories. He can deliver lengthy lectures to his companions with similar equipments. One who is comparatively more equipped is more respected among those "equals".

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