Six Weeks to Better Sleep

Six Weeks to Better Sleep

It’s 3:00 a.m., and your mind is bubbling over with thoughts: I need to get to sleep. Why can’t I just fall asleep? I’ll screw up that presentation at work if I’m too tired. What if I get sick from all of this lack of sleep?

We’ve probably all had that internal insomnia-induced dialogue at one time or another. But for people with chronic insomnia, it’s commonplace — and they often reach for a prescription sleep aid. Sleeping Pills now represent a $4.5 billion market, but despite what their expensive advertising campaigns promise, they’re not long-term solutions, says Gregg Jacobs, Ph.D., an insomnia specialist at UMass Memorial Medical Center and author of "Say Good Night to Insomnia: The 6-Week Program." Jacobs’s newly updated book promises to provide the most effective way to get a full night’s sleep — by getting people to change their thoughts about sleep and developing new sleep patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Learn more about the science behind this claim and what other sleep experts have to say below.

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Six Weeks to Better Sleep

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