PS Malik tells: Dhyan and Stamina

PS Malik tells: Đhyan and Stamina (Part –  I)


Once I asked PS Malik if it was possible to improve sexual stamina by meditation. The answer given by him is reproduced here for the benefit of readers. It is a long answer it will be delivered in two parts. One and first one is presented now and the second and the remaining part in the next article.


Yes you asked a right question. Like an iceberg only 10% of existence of a person appears at his body level. By viewing the body alone you are just viewing 10% of existence of a person. The remaining 90% resides inside it. As the medical sciences treat a person in its outer sphere of the body and the psychology tries to treat him at his brain level the internal layers of a person can be looked into or treated with only the science of meditation (or more perfectly Đhyan).

Meditation is a limited word and represents only one aspect of Đhyan therefore I will use the word Đhyan here in present context. In a number of problems the cause lies inside the consciousness and only its symptoms appear at the body such disorders cannot be corrected until the healer goes inside the existence. They cannot be treated at the body level. Some problems of sexual stamina relate to this plane of human consciousness.

Đhyan awakens all living instincts of your existence because it integrates your shattered personality. Sexual stamina is nothing from outside. It entirely lies there inside. It is merely a lack of your consistence to put your energy at a particular point at a particular time. Loss of sexual stamina is not the absence of your energy; it is merely your incapability to concentrate your bodily efforts with your mental requirements. It is merely an incoherence. It is a loss of rhythm. When you sing a song without proper melody it is not blissful. Your Lack of stamina is a lack of physical melody. To regain it you have to explore the right tune of your mind and body.

Đhyan and Stamina

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