Yoga misunderstood so far .

Yoga misunderstood so far …

These are excerpts from a famous article by PS Malik. This is entirely a new vision of yoga away from the commercial face which present day traders present to you.

Yoga is the only methodology available with the humanity which has anatomized the human existence without opening a human body. It is the oldest and the deepest psychology of the human existence. It is unlike the present day psychology which studies only the mind of the subjects. Yoga is not constrained to the personality, mind or any aspect of mind of people; rather it gives a complete description of the whole existence of the humanity, its mental fabric and a methodology to transcend it.

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Yoga views the mind differently. For it a mind cannot be infected by sickness but it is a sickness in itself. It cannot be cured because it has this form of sickness as an essence for the physical existence. Physical existence is not possible without the mind. Yoga does not speak of ‘a mind’ rather its subject matter is ‘the mind’. Modern psychology studies, treats and cures an individual mind while Yoga is for the generality of mind. Psychology is particular in approach and it discovers generality from particularity. In Yoga the mind in general is explained and a particularity approached from the generality.

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In Pratyahar Yoga speaks of getting rid of the psychological addictions of senses. A mirror shows your image. It shows when you rose up from the bed in early morning, it shows when you are untidy, it shows when you comb hair, it shows you after your make up. It shows you all the times without any hesitation, without adding anything in you or subtracting from you. It has no hesitation of time, frequency or any other factor. You come in front of it and it shows you in return. No deference, no disdain; no temptation no escape simply a reflection. Yoga says your senses should reflect the world in the same way with No deference, no disdain; no temptation no escape simply a reflection of the world. This is Pratyahar.

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Yoga misunderstood so far …

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