PS Malik tells: Could Shankaračharya foresee Einstein

Could Shankaračharya foresee Einstein

Einstein was the greatest scientist this humanity has ever produced. He was not only the summation of the scientific progress made by the human race but was also a path breaker. He paved way for the scientists to think about “The Infinity” which was by that time only a synonym of an absurd. He showed the limitations of human efforts by showing that there was an ultimate speed with which an action could propagate in space. Einstein said that it was the speed of light.

Einstein was the first scientist who based his theory on the foundations of relativity. He said nothing in this was absolute. Everything is measured in relation to something else. A passenger inside a bus moves with relation relative to the floor of the bus. The bus is moving relative to the earth. The earth is moving in relation to the sun. The sun also moves relative to some other points in the galaxy. This hierarchy is never ending. It goes on. The same is true about the mass and the length of an object. The mass of an object is measured relative to the mass of a standard weight which may be a kilogram, a pound or a stone etc. the length of an object (length means all dimension including length, breadth and depth etc.). The Einstein summed up all his results of relativity in his ‘The Special Theory of Relativity’.

For Einstein, the speed of light could not be transcended. It was a boundary of human efforts. With his Special Theory of Relativity he showed that if the speed of an object (in scientific language an object means a particle) is increased several unbelievable effects are observed. The mass of that object starts increasing with the increase in its speed (scientific word is velocity). At a speed near that of the light the mass of an object becomes infinitely high and at a speed equal to that of the light the mass of that object is infinite. Mass increases with the speed of an object was a new theory for the contemporary scientific community. It was very difficult for them to understand this new theory from Einstein. Einstein proved it theoretically.

Similar results were obtained by Einstein for the effects of speed on the length of an object and time passed in a moving clock. He postulated that the length of an object starts contracting with an increase in its speed. At the ultimate speed, the length of an object becomes perfectly zero. It becomes a point without dimensions. Similarly with an increase in speed the time for the moving object passes slowly. This is called dilation of time. At the maximum speed (equal to that of the light) no time passes for the moving object.

During those day a humorous paradox was in vogue. If one of the twins soon after its birth is moved at a sufficiently high speed then on his return still as a breast feeding baby his counterpart would have grown with sons and grandsons. This is because of different amount of time passed for the who was moving and the one who was not moving. For both of them different time periods would elapse due to the difference of speeds with which they were moving.

The existence of Maya is only for Brahamgyanis. For a common man there is nothing called Maya. For him everything in the world and of the world is a truth. The mountains are true, flowers are true, deities are true, the god is true, so on and so forth. It is not the object specific. It does not depends on the objects. It does not depend on the world or the seeker rather it depends on the level of the seeker’s knowledge. By the time the knowledge or Gyan of the seeker does not transcend the Vyavharik level and attain Parmarthik level of Gyan there is no contradiction in taking this world as true. But once the knowledge enters the domain of Parmarthik Gyan everything of this world becomes Mithya and only the Braham is the absolute there.

Those who studied Adi Shankaracharya and Einstein both, may find that adopting different paths both of them arrived at the same conclusions. These conclusions are not subject specific. These conclusions hold good for physics, for philosophy, for religion and now for societies and political systems also. {for this purpose some enlightened readers may like to add the names of the Indian prime ministers H D Devegoda, P V Narsimharao and Atal Bihari Vajpayee to this list}

Both of Adi Shankaracharya and Einstein initiated the theory of relativity in their fields. They propounded the concept of relative values of the entities. For Einstein an object may appear as lying stationary when viewed in comparison of the earth but when it is viewed from the sun or the moon it may appear as moving. It is also possible that a star appearing moving from the earth may appear stationary from some other celestial body as the polar star appears stationary from the earth. Every motion, every position, every shape, every size, every color, every age, every vision is relative to some other reference points. This is exactly what Shankaracharya had said about eight hundred years back.

Could Shankaračharya foresee Einstein

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