The world expresses itself in contrasts. When this world was confronted with obesity, the value of being slim was inflated. The most fierce war of Kalinga reduced the Emperor Ashoka a sacred devotee of Buddhism.  Similarly, when in 8th – 6th century B.C. the world saw the first Iron – revolution and the surplus of production was available, the life was growing more and more effluent and prosper there was a spree of greatest religious movement in those civilizations. Guatam Buddha, Mahavir, Lou Tzu and many more were born and preached their dharma. From psychological point of view such historical orientations are due to a nostalgic inconvenience. Those who do not find themselves convenient in the changed circumstances they start pleading for the continuation of the old regime.

This has again happened in the modern world. In this age the obesity has grown to its maximum. Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Cardiac Problems have emerged as some major threats of the present day life style. Naturally, this is likely to give birth to that nostalgic inconvenience which has been discussed above. And it has done that. People have started having recourse to those values of Yoga and Spirituality. This is the simple law of "Action and its Reaction".  Those who have discovered something in Yoga and Spirituality are given respect in the world. But this is not constricted to this extent only. In some cases it has gone far beyond.

One Guru provided a weight loss by Aasans for a reasonable amount of fee. The other Guru provided the same weight loss by an easier method of Prañayam. As an incentive the later offered a more cost effective package at about 70% of money which the earlier asked. The third Guru then offered a combined package of Aasans and Prañayam for the same price as that of the second Guru. He announced a “Bumper Sale” to get double the benefit for the same money customers used to spend earlier. One more Guru offered a capsule course of “all Aasans prescribed by Patanjali”. He offered it at a comparatively higher price. He urged that a bit higher price for a genuine package was not a costlier deal.

Some students asked them that Patanjali did not mention any Aasans then how “all Aasans prescribed by Patanjali” were possible to be delivered. The Guru evaded the answer calling it a minor misunderstanding between the delivery department and the advertising department.

Gurus are busy in alluring the customers, they are busy in charming the customers, they are busy in mesmerizing the customers and they are busy in fascinating the customers. Customers are paying them money. Customers are getting delivery of spirituality; the spirituality delivered by the Gurus.

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