Diabetes is a strenuous disease that can adversely affect the quality of life if it is left unattended properly. There is a lot of material spread over the web/internet regarding the causes, effects and management of diabetes and can be accessed easily. it ought not to have been reproduced here to save time and avoid diversion of attention of the readers.



I here give the details of curing diabetes of a patient:








Female, judge by profession; history of BP and CAD; could not compromise the quality of her official work of delivering judgments; professional dissatisfaction; excessive workload; highly overburdened; always faced a dilemma between official work and homely responsibilities;






Overweight with BMI more than 32; skin dry; tennis elbow; ankle sprain; uphill motion caused dyspnoea; no thirst but micturition;


SGOT – 77; SGPT – 81; GGTP – 87; ERYTHROCYTE SEDIMENTATION RATE (ESR) – 37; high blood sugar (FBS 170); anxiety aggravated the symptoms;


Course of action:


Started 21.10.11


1.        Niccol. Met 30              one time for 6 days


2.        Ars. 30 + Ph. Ac. 30    one time for 6 days


3.        Anac. 1M                      twice a week



Were given.


First follow up on 28.10.11


Professional dissatisfaction (Niccol. Met.) was cured; felt quite energetic; two wills between home and court were diminished


No improvement seen in the Blood sugar levels. On 28.10.11 it was 168 (FBL).



This time the remedies given were:




1.        Anac. 1M                      twice a week


2.        Arnica 30 (wet dose)   thrice a day for the week to follow


Second follow up on 4.11.11


The patient reported an overall improvement in furtherance of what it was reported on the first follow up. The remarkable response was regarding the blood sugar level. It was reported as 135 (FBS) on 03.11.11. Tennis elbow was improved but calves and tendons were feeling sore.




On 04.11.11



The remedy Arn. was further repeated as above and Anac. 1M was replaced by Ruta 200 twice a week.





The patient is likely to improve further.




What is important here is to underline the importance of Arnica Montana in curing the Diabetes. Arnica Montana is so commonly known for curing the injuries that homeopaths usually overlooks it for other physical symptoms. Joe De Livera, the Sri Lankan legend has always been a great admirer Arnica Montana. He states to be consuming Arnica 6C for last 40 years and claims all kind of healthy results with this single homeopathic remedy. He is also a great admirer of wet dose of Arnica. Following his recommendations and claims the remedy Arnica 30 was preferred over a range of other homeopathic remedies. Otherwise it (Arnica) addressed to a host of physical symptoms of the patient.




The method of preparing wet dose of a homeopathic remedy is given below:



Preparing A Wet Dose Of Arnica 30



Before starting this remedy all other homeopathic remedies should be stopped:




1.               Take a 500 ml water bottle and fill it with clean water.


2.               Throw away about 100 ml of water out of this bottle


3.               Add 4-5 pellets of Arn. 30 in this remaining 400 ml of water in bottle


4.               Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 8-10 times by striking it against your palm vigorously. Bubbles should go up on each strike


5.               Consume 2 spoonful of this water 3 – 4 times as directed


6.               It will show its results within 3 days



इस दवाई को शुरू करने के कम से कम 24 घण्टे पहले सभी होम्योपैथिक दवाईयाँ बंद कर देनी चाहिए




1.           पानी की आधा लीटर वाली बोतल लेकर उसे साफ पानी से भर लें।


2.           इसमें से लगभग 100 मिलि पानी बाहर डाल दें


3.           इस बचे हुए 400 मिलि पानी में दवाई की 4-5 गोलियाँ डाल दें


4.           बोतल का ढक्कन कस कर बंद कर दें और बोतल को 8-10 बार अपनी हथेली पर जोर जोर से मार कर ठोकें। इस दौरान पानी में बुलबूले उठकर ऊपर की तरफ आने चाहिएँ।


5.           इस घोल में से दो घूँट पानी दिन में तीन या चार बार जैसा भी बताया जाए ले लें।


6.           इसके 3 दिन के भीतर ही दवाई के सकारात्मक प्रभाव दिखाई देने लगेंगे




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