Spiritual Discourses

Spirituality is not the religion.


The religion is tied to two unequal ends. It connects the worshipped to the worshiper. One end is higher and the other one is lower. This other end is lower in status, power, patience, force and resources everything.
A religion is hence a hierarchy. It defines the vertex, and goes on defining its subsequent lower levels. The relation between the entities at same level and that between the different levels is well defined. Its transcendence is very difficult and sometimes near to impossible.


In spirituality there is no rigidity. Some western psychologists e.g. Dannah Zohar have tried to define the spirituality but like other peers she also talks of a higher level morality. From Indian perspective this is nothing newer then a gibberish.
From Indian perspective this spirituality is a co-existence. A coexistence among people, among values, among deities, among living and not-living beings so on and so forth. There is no friction among them and no traction in their simultaneous being together.
In spiritual existence there is no subjugation of one by the another. There is no stratification of higher and lower beings. There is no forced surrender of one to the another. In this sense this state is more convenient than the state of Bhakti.

Because Bhakti is religious and not spiritual.

Vedanta is Spirituality and not a Religion

Adwait Vedanta in principle is the only philosophical school that establishes a total equality in existence. Everything, at a particular level of understanding (ब्रह्मज्ञान) the whole existence is but one. It is a manifestation of Brahman. It is Brahman (ब्रह्म). A sand particle, a crow, a fox, a theif, a pandit, the American President all are one and the same Brahman.
This equality is Spiritual. This is Spirituality. In this collection of thoughts we would be having differing glances on existence in general and on spiritual existence in particular.
Let us begin. . . 

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