28 Secrets to a Happy Marriage and Well health !!!

28 Secrets to a Happy Marriage and Well health !!!

  1. “Only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. First, let her think she’s having her own way. And second, let her have it.”
  2. “Find the good and praise it.”
  1. “Good wine, chocolate truffles and a subtitled foreign film the kids will hate. To me, those nights are what make a marriage heavenly.”
  2. “To keep the fire burning brightly, there’s one easy rule: Keep the two logs together, near enough to keep each other warm and far enough apart for breathing room.”
  3. “If my wife wants more than a peck on the cheek, she’ll grab me and kiss me. Don’t expect your partner to know and do everything you want. Go for it yourself.”
  4. “Never stop holding hands.”
  5. “We tend to our marriage. You have to spend time away from the kids and stay up late and talk, go to the movies or do the crossword puzzle together. My husband and I still have date nights, and I look forward to them all week.”
  6. “At certain hours our bedroom is off-limits to our kids. You have to create sanctuaries where couple time is sacred.”
  7. “You have to keep creating a marriage. We talk about everything. We grow and change together, because nothing ever stays the same; you’ve got to continue evolving.”
  8. “We swap plates in the middle of a meal at a restaurant. That just seems like the epitome of a great marriage.”
  9. “Young love is loving someone because of what they do right; mature love is loving someone in spite of what they do wrong.”
  10. “Let him know you’re happy: I smile whenever I see him. He always knows how thrilled I am that he’s there with me.”
  11. “A happy marriage is one in which you both know you’re going to run into rough patches, but you’re committed to working through them. What comes afterward is truly wonderful.”
  12. “Giving each other a get-out-of-jail-free pass for skipping a visit with the in-laws.”
  13. “We keep a lot of candles in our bedroom. I want us to always stay honeymooners.”
  14. “Couples in happy marriages don’t insist on having similar interests. They celebrate their differences.”
  15. “A hot robe right out of the dryer after a shower on a cold morning. My wife started this ritual years ago, and it says volumes about how far we’ll go to make each other happy.”
  16. “You can’t sit back. My husband and I have made the choice that our marriage is the most important thing to us. We respect what we have and understand how we need to feed it.”
  17. “When things get rough, you don’t just cut and run.”
  18. “We touch and tickle each other all the time.”
  19. “We have absolutely no secrets from one another.”
  20. “Renew your vows. Saying those words after you’ve experienced what they entail gives them more meaning.”
  21. “If a couple with kids has 15 minutes of uninterrupted, non-logistical talk every day, I would put them in the top 5 percent of all married couples.”
  22. “Three things in life are important: The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind.”
  23. “I love romance: I bring Keenly breakfast in bed on a tray with a single flower from our garden. I did that when we first started dating, and I still do it.”
  24. “Bragging about your spouse to anyone who will listen.”
  25. “Listen to phone messages on speakerphone. Tell your spouse all your passwords. Putting these private matters out in the open shows real trust.”
  26. “I took strip-tease lessons, and it really put me in touch and at ease with my body.”

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